Want to work together?

As the render quality within Revit is getting better and better, in combination with less and less time for preparing presentation and deliveries, I tend to do more and more of my work within Revit.

When I need better renderings than I manage to do in Revit myself, I export the Revit project to someone that can do the job in 3D Studio with V-Ray for me. And it works just fine and I am very happy with the results.  But usually I am developing the project almost to the last hour before the deadline, and in these situations it is difficult to outsource the renderings since they need the model in advance.


Exporting the Revitproject for rendering in 3D Studio

This is something I want to change. Since the render quality within Revit with Raytrace or V-Ray for Revit is getting better, I want people doing the renderings for me to do it within my Revit project. In this way, I can have a value of the materials that are adjusted, the light settings that are created, the surrounding that is created, throughout the entire process. So when I export my project to Autodesk Live or other platforms, I get these settings exported straight away without much work since they already are applied.


Do the work within Revit

So if you have great Revit skills, and superior skills with Raytrace or V-ray for Revit with a great aesthetic touch and totally trustful, I want to work with you on my projects. I am willing to invite you into my Revit project with Collaboration for Revit -The Holy Grail


If you feel that you are the ONE, please do not hesitate to give me hands up by sending me an email. It would be great to work together with you.