Family training#1 -CWpanel with array

Sometimes you really want to make something quick (and dirty) but that works for your need. So if you want a roof, a wall or a wall, that don’t have a flat surface, you could use a curtain wall with an adjustable curtain wall panel (CWpanel).

Lets say you are going to make a roof with this profil:





You could start making a profile family with the same measurements as the profile above. Then you sweep this profile in a generic family, with the length of the sweep path as a type parameter:


Load this family in the CWpanel and make a array function as shown in the picture below. Use as well the height parameter for the CWpanel as the parameter for height in the sweep.


There you go. You have now a roof, a floor, a wall, with you preferred profile.


PS! another way of doing it is to use the profile to make a mullion, and then use this in the CW. Then you make a CWpanel that is empty.

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