From «Personal Computer» to «Project Computer»

We have recently starting to optimize how we are managing the pc’s at the office. Previously it was like everybody had his own stationary computer, and when somebody changed the project they were working on, they simply took the PC with him.

Now we are trying, to a certain point, to think of what type of PC’s do the projects need. And therefore the PC is not a Personal Computer, but a Project Computer.

The way we tried to do it, was to categorize the project in three; red, yellow, green. The projects that are «red», don’t have a big need for much PC power. Yellow, is these general project with not much ifc, imports, medium scale. Green, yeah they need some horsepower.

In the same way we have categorized every PC in the office; red, yellow, green. From bad to good. This has of course be updated as the time goes and new needs are to be filled.

So, a green project needs a green PC. And yes, a yellow project needs at least a yellow PC, and a red project need at least a red computer.

Complicated? Not really. Since we only are 50 employees at our office, and a lot of similar PC, it is doable. It is actually a good way to communicate to your bosses when you are saying that now we really need to by new PC’s.


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